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How much?!? 19/10/21

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Sport England objects to Sports Hub plan at Newbury Rugby Club’s Monks Lane ground

WBC’s proposal for Monks Lane 12/10/21

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The proposed development is for a single storey sports pavilion building and car park providing facilities and social space to support a proposed artificial turf pitch, F2(C). The proposed artificial turf pitch forms part of this application and includes fencing, storage, spectator seating and artificial lighting. The building will provide approximately 400m² of internal floor space of use class F2(B)

Newbury Rugby Football Club, Monks Lane, Newbury, West Berkshire, RG14 7RW

For more information about the proposals, details, plans, consultation, correspondence and objections see the Documents tab > View associated documents and scroll down…

A tale of 2 councils 12/10/21

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Newbury Town Council’s application to renew the Faraday Road Football Ground as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) was approved by West Berkshire Council on the 20th of September.


West Berkshire Council withdraws its Faraday Road planning application to “demolish the ‘former’ clubhouse, create additional car parking on the site and to enable the temporary opening of the sports and recreation space whilst redevelopment plans were drawn up” and is to open temporary public sports and recreation space at the site by the end of the year.

News catch-up 09/10/21

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Newbury Town Council says plans for sports hub will limit Newbury FC ambitions

Monks Lane sports hub parking concerns

Newbury sports and recreation space to open at the former Faraday Road football ground

Party political football arguments 01/09/21

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, September 02, 2021 17:45:51

Political football as council argues over future of Faraday Road

Political football row over Faraday Road and Monks Lane

Pictures of new ground 27/08/21

Uncategorised Posted on Fri, August 27, 2021 08:28:58

First look of new Newbury football ground – as West Berkshire Council demolishes Faraday Road clubhouse

New ground ‘plan’, old ground ‘gone’ 25/08/21

Uncategorised Posted on Wed, August 25, 2021 11:49:24

WBC news

First look at new Newbury Sports Hub
Planning application submitted for exciting new facility

Demolition begins following sports ground fire
Demolition of unsafe building starts following fire at Faraday Road sports pitch.

Newbury Today news

Newbury’s Faraday Road football ground clubhouse being demolished following fire

Council tries to defend its position 21/08/21

Uncategorised Posted on Sat, August 21, 2021 08:49:39

Newbury’s Faraday Road football ground fire ‘almost inevitable’, say campaigners

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