Re: FW: Spectator stand
removal from Newbury Football Ground

October 2018 07:13 65 KB


To: Nick


Dear Nick,

Thank you for your reply.

You state that there is no evidence that West Berkshire Council owns the
spectator stand, so you are implying that Newbury FC definitely does own it.
For the avoidance of any doubt, please can you confirm and provide us with the
supporting documentation and evidence?

As the landlord of the football ground and all the buildings on it we
would expect that as part of its due diligence the council has to be 100%
certain of ownership before entering into discussions regarding the removal of
such a key asset. Removal of the stand also contravenes the Asset of Community
Value which WBC has acknowledged since November 2016 so please can you
elaborate on how changing the purpose of the facility is covered off?

To be clear, Newbury Community Football Group’s position is that there
is no evidence to suggest that Newbury FC owns the stand and we therefore
maintain that your (and the community’s) asset is being sold to Hungerford Town
FC, apparently with your knowledge and blessing.

Given that there is a significant question regarding the ownership of
the stand please can you confirm before the end of tomorrow, Tuesday 16 October
(when NCFG next meets) that WBC will not allow the stand to be dismantled until
these matters have been conclusively determined and further
clarification/evidence is provided?

Your sincerely,

John Stewart
NCFG Deputy Chair