See the powerful attached letter

which was submitted for publication…

and the covering correspondence below…

Dear Andy,

Many thanks for your reply and your help with this
matter. It is much appreciated.

I really didn’t think I would still have to be banging the
sexism drum in 2018….!!

Just to re-iterate the point that Newbury Ladies FC are
members of Newbury Community Football Group (NCFG) and this is the umbrella
organisation for ALL community football interests in Newbury and this is really
the group that West Berks Council should be consulting with and working
with. Democratically they should not be ignoring NCFG and we all feel
very passionately about bringing them to account on this point.

And I know that NCFG are in total sync with all the points
that I raised in my earlier open letter for publication.

Thanks again and if you need any further, please feel free
to get back in touch.

Best regards,


From: Andy
Murrill <>

Sent: 08 November 2018 11:11
To: Sue Hewett <>
Subject: RE: Letter for Publication

Dear Sue

Thank you for your brilliant
letter. Well said. I’m afraid it was too late for this week’s paper but I will
make sure it is in a prominent position next week.

Kind regards

Andy Murrill