From: Nick Carter <>

Sent: 04 November 2018 16:32
Cc: Graham Jones <>;
James Fredrickson <>;;;;;;;;;;
Subject: RE: FW: Spectator stand removal from Newbury Football Ground

Dear John

Thank you for your email. I will
respond to each of your points in turn.

As I mentioned previously the legal
position is open to interpretation however as far as the Council is concerned
the Stand has always been a tenant fixture so when the Football Club left
earlier in the year it was agreed it was theirs to use as they saw fit. They
have decided to gift it to HTFC which the Council is happy to support since it
has no use for the Stand. Both the Council and NFC are of the view that the
transfer of the Stand to HTFC is the best course of action.

To clarify, the Stand is not being
demolished it is being dismantled and reassembled in Hungerford.

In respect of the ACV we have taken
legal advice and it has been confirmed that since the Stand is being gifted to
HTFC it does not fall within the ACV.

I have seen the Facebook pictures
within your email although I am told the account has nothing to do with NFC. In
terms of the two events you cite nether are actually true and I would summarise
the situation as follows:

The Stand, which is in NFCs
ownership, has been gifted to HTFC. WBC has enabled HTFC and NFC to
access the site to dismantle the Stand and move it to Hungerford.

I hope this clarifies our position on
this matter.