RE: FW: Spectator stand removal from Newbury Football Ground

17 December 2018 14:16 306 KB

From: Nick Carter


Dear John,

I write further to your email below and apologise for not responding before.

The Council has previously set out its position in respect of the stand and the fact that the stand was gifted by Newbury Football Club to Hungerford. I will not repeat these points again.

The Council is aware of the legislation relating to planning, building control and Assets of Community Value and is of the view that this legislation has been complied with. As a result the stand will continue to be dismantled and removed by Hungerford Football Club.

The Council will not open again the grounds for dedicated football and yet remains committed to its general public use until the grounds are required for development. Therefore the Council will proceed with its plans to deliver the old ground as a multi-use games area.

Ref proposals to develop the existing ground into a larger sports venue than now, all planning applications including these proposals are judged on their own merits regardless of who owns the asset. What you will be aware of is that the Council remains committed to redeveloping the London Road Industrial Estate as the freehold land lord and that these proposals include the football ground.

I hope I have made the Council’s position clear.

Kind regards

Nick Carter