News updates February-March 2019

While West Berks Council denies any wrongdoing over the London Road estate fiasco, many questions on strategy and costs remain. As we get closer to the local elections on 2 May, the council goes on the charm offensive for votes with positively spun news on LRIE plans, the re-opening of Faraday Road for multi-sports and public consultations which have been scarce to-date!

Whatever your political colours, please do take time to understand the local issues which are important to you and vote for the party promising solutions (and then hold them to it!)

See the news blog for news articles, councillors’ LRIE letters and more background information.

NCFG continues to question the council’s attitude to football at its public meetings.

The third stage of our complaint is still being investigated thoroughly by the Local Government Ombudsman.

Newbury FC will move to Henwick (a football pitch, not a ground) with little hope of playing at Northcroft at a proper ground (if WBC deem it viable) for some years.

NCFG continues to support all local football clubs, growing its membership, and we eagerly await the Playing Pitch Strategy which is overdue publication.


An excellent letter from Peter Norman about WBC and London Road, see below