News updates May-July 2019

No movement on the heavily objected West Berks Council MUGA plans for Newbury Football Ground, upheld by Newbury Town Council.

No news of when our artificial turf and ground planning application will be heard.

Some of the old sheds on the ground mysteriously catch fire! See this.

The spectator stand makes its way to Hungerford, but it’s 40% of its former size, see this.

NCFG’s complaint with the Local Government Ombudsman is delayed by slow and incomplete responses from the council (sounds familiar!).

Our FOI about the plan behind the MUGA reveals some of WBCs avoidance tactics. Read this.

WBC at loggerheads with the sporting bodies over the Playing Pitch Strategy and whether the Faraday Road ground should be replaced with an equal or better facility.

WBC want to gamble on demonstrating the LRIE redevelopment outweighs keeping the ground, but they cannot defend not replacing it! NCFG is discussing the issues with the council’s leisure head, Cllr Rick Jones (more details to be added to the news blog shortly).

It’s worth taking a few minutes to read all our Q&A sessions since October 2018 and recap on what we have asked and more importantly the answers we have had back. They are all listed here; oldest to newest.

We have done a great job with 72 supplementary questions in just over a year!

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