EPW059798 ENGLAND (1938). Victoria Park and the town, Newbury, from the north-east, 1938.

EPW059801 ENGLAND (1938). The town centre, Newbury, from the north-east, 1938.

They clearly show the ground surrounded by open space (allotments) before it was moved sideways to accommodate the old A34 bypass (now A339) around 1963.

News update March-June 2020

Things have slowed down during the lockdown, but we’re still active!

We continue to question the council on why they are systematically removing all the protective policies from the football ground and why they have never explained why it’s so important not to have a ground at that location. We also await the results of the alternative pitches survey, together with the London Road Estate masterplan which looks like another case of prederemination by the council. The consultants weren’t even sure if football at Faraday Road was as possibility from their brief! WBC does not consider that the most obvious place (by far) is to locate the football ground in Faraday Road! It clearly should have remained open for the last 2 years and our revised 3G planning application will be submitted soon to prove the need for it. And the council finally admitted their own contractors removed the pitch’s perimeter spectator barriers in preparation for the ill-fated MUGA!

See the new blog for some recent updates.