Sat, 24 Oct 2020

West Berkshire Council refuses to apologise for ‘blunder’ which cost taxpayers almost £1mPublic money has ‘gone to waste due to poor project management’ claims opposition leader

Sat, 24 Oct 2020

Faraday Road football ground in Newbury being used as a ‘cash cow’ by West Berkshire CouncilTown councillors express concern it is being used to fund rest of LRIE development

News update August-October 2020

Newbury Football Ground got more than 60% of the votes as your preferred ground in Newbury Today’s poll!

West Berkshire Council has been in discussions with Newbury Rugby Club about developing a joint rugby/football artificial turf ground so we’re waiting for update reports.

The London Road Industrial Estate (LRIE) draft development brief is open for consultation but no mention of keeping the football ground where it already is! And what about the flood risk in that area which thwarted the Newspaper House flats development appeal?!

The council aims to spend more on demolishing the existing Faraday Road clubhouse and changing rooms to change the ground into a park than it would cost to re-open it as a proper ground for FA affiliated, organised matches…. really?!?! It makes NO sense to keep it closed when there is no viable alternative available. See the news blog for a recent collection of updates…