West Berkshire Council public question review following football and estate ‘concern’


Replacement football ground at Newbury Rugby Club to be step 4 facility


Return of football to Faraday Road in Newbury is a ‘no brainer’


West Berkshire Council opposition parties brand Newbury football stadium plans ‘madness’


News update late February-April 2021

The council and the rugby club are signing a long-term agreement, but no one’s seen any plans yet so we don’t know if the proposed artificial turf sports ground at Monks Lane is mainly football, mainly rugby or whether it’s equal than or better than Faraday Road could be.

In the meantime, we have submitted our proposal to offer the long-suffering footballers of Newbury a ray of hope by cost-effectively re-opening Faraday Road for a limited period!

See our proposal here.

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