Nick wanted to get rid of the ground and now (by coincidence) his wishes have come true… makes the council’s proposed demolition a little easier.

West Berkshire Council chief executive Nick Carter retires

Newbury Football Club’s Faraday Road football ground destroyed by fire

Soccer fans heartbroken over Newbury Football Club fire

Former Newbury Football Club Faraday Road site destroyed by fire

News update August 2021

WBC’s chief exec Nick Carter, the man who orchestrated the Faraday Road ground’s closure, retires and by sheer bad coincidence the clubhouse then suffers an arson attack in the same week (no lessons learned from the first attack in June 2019). Now the buildings have been demolished ahead of the delayed demolition planning application hearing. See reports in news blog.

Sport England’s support called in to question as the Monks Lane replacement (or is it?) for Faraday Road has just been submitted. Will it open in Spring 2022 and will it provide what football needs?!

In the meantime, why can’t we use the town ground for matches once it’s been made safe?